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Outfit refugees with baby carriers to provide comfort
and security to their family.


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Join members of your community to provide aid.


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Carry The Future

Make a meaningful impact in the lives of refugee families. Help us hand-deliver baby and toddler carriers and other forms of humanitarian aid! Your donation will go directly toward getting a carrier or other much needed aid into the hands of a refugee mother, father or child to provide comfort, security and relief for their continued journey. Donations can be made through PayPal, or by Credit Card through Stripe.
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Join us in providing aid to refugee families in need

Be a force for action and hope and join our international community of volunteers as we unite to bring humanitarian aid in the form of child carriers and survival items to refugee families.

At Carry the Future, we maintain our focus on continuing our grassroots movement, on our ability to quickly mobilize to provide aid when needed and on uniting our volunteer base to enable them to make a difference.

There are many ways to become involved with Carry the Future, as we are continually running carrier campaigns, planning our next distribution phase, collecting donations and sponsorship for relief packs and mobilizing to deliver the carriers and relief packs to families in need.

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Carry The Future's story

Our Mission

Carry the Future specializes in hand-delivering baby and toddler carriers to refugee families.
We fit the carriers and instruct families on proper use, ensuring children’s safety and longevity of the carrier. We stand in solidarity with refugee families worldwide by personally providing additional humanitarian aid to ease their journey while also creating meaningful opportunities for global volunteers to be a collective force of action and hope.


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