Answers to your questions.


How can I make a monetary donation?

You can make a donation via http://www.carrythefuture.org/donate/

How much of the donated money makes it to the families in need?

Carry the Future is a grassroots organization dedicated to personally distributing donated baby and toddler carriers and baby boxes to families fleeing their homeland and trying to get to safety, currently the families we aid reside in refugee camps in Europe. Our mission is to provide this service in the most cost efficient ways possible. Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers, who travel at their own expense and donate their time, and to the support of our corporate sponsors, we are operating with minimal overhead costs. If you would like more information please contact eric@carrythefuture.org

Which do you need more, money or carriers?

Carry the Future is grateful for donations of both money and carriers. Currently there is a great need for larger-sized, toddler carriers and for baby beds. Carry the Future can purchase baby beds at discounted rates in bulk with the funds donated (CarrytheFuture.org/donate).
Financial donations are also used to help with distribution trip expenses, shipping expenses, storage expenses and general overhead.

Can I send you a check? Who should I make it out to and where should I send it?

Yes, checks are gratefully accepted and can be sent to headquarters:
Carry the Future
121 W. Lexington Drive Suite L106G, Glendale, CA 91203.

If I make a donation in the name of someone else, will you notify them of the donation?

If you make a donation via our website, please provide us with the name and contact information of the person you are honoring. You will be emailed an acknowledgement that you can then forward or give to the recipient.

What types of aid can I include with my carrier to donate?

We are accepting letters of love and encouragement, small plush toys, and new packaged pacifiers. Pack all items separately in a sealed plastic bag.

Can I send clothing or food?

At this time we are only accepting donations of toddler carriers and financial support to allow us to distribute aid.

Do you guys recommend certified mail, or any other mail categories, for sending in bundled donation checks?

We do not have a specific recommendation. We have not had any issues with regular USPS, as a safeguard, we recommend sending certified/insured.

How do I send donations directly to Greece?

Purchase an Ikea Dimpa bag – item #100.567.70. Pack 25 – 40 carriers into the bag. Zip closed and bind zipper pulls together with a plastic cable tie. Tape down handles/straps to the side of the bag with packing tape. Place inside a packing box. If possible weigh the box and make sure it is 44 lbs or less.
Take to USPS. If your box is right at 44 lbs, without going over, it should ship for around $166. Once the USPS weighs them at 44 lbs or less, we recommend that you go back home and go on line to USPS.com and use their online print and ship option for international. This should save approximately 13%. Always use the priority mail international and NOT priority mail EXPRESS international. The price difference is about $90 on a 44lb box. Return to the post office to ship.
Ship to: Margarita Continakis c/o P.O. Box 66504 NEO PSYHIKO 15402, ATHENS, Greece. Phone: +30-210-6785717.
Declare value of goods as $0.00.
Mark shipment as “Humanitarian Donation”. Shipping costs will be around $4/lb from USA to Greece.
Advise CTF baby carrier directors about shipment date and quantity.

Can I donate other items like toys or clothing to Carry the Future?

No. At this time we are only accepting soft structured baby and toddler carriers (such as ergo and tula) and monetary donations.
We are a very new organization, so we have to be very cost effective. Sending clothing and toys by plane with our volunteers is very costly, and we would rather spend our limited funds on distributing carriers! You can, however, put small items (listed above) in a bag along with your donated carrier.

Should I ask for donations through eBay and Craigslist?

It is important to not solicit for carriers or donations through these sites. It can reflect poorly on Carry the Future and result in you being blocked from these sites.

Is my donation to CTF tax deductable?

Our 501 (c)3 status is granted and Carry the Future is officially a public charity. All monetary donations could be tax deductible retroactive to September 15th, 2015. Please check with your tax professional to ensure your donation is eligible.

What is the 501(C)3 status?

The most common type of tax-exempt nonprofit organization falls under category 501(c)(3), whereby a nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income tax if its activities have charitable purposes.

General Information

When are you going to start serving refugees in other parts of Europe or the Middle East?

The Carry the Future international volunteer staff members, and our volunteers on the ground in Greece, are keeping a close eye on the news regarding the current crisis. We are definitely interested in expanding to other countries where refugees are in need of aid. As a new organization we must be mindful and consider that the needs of refugees in middle eastern displacement camps is very different from those who are arriving in or staying in temporary camps in Greece.

We are proud to be a grassroots organization with a strong and flexible volunteer force who are able to mobilize quickly. For now we are focusing our efforts on helping those we know will benefit from baby and toddler carriers. We will follow the refugee’s journeys and expedite our volunteers to the safest places that we can in order to continue our mission of being a force of action and hope and providing humanitarian aid to refugee families.

Why does the CTF Logo include written Arabic and what does it say/convey?

A large portion of the refugees we interact with are Arabic speakers. The Arabic words in our logo convey the name of Carry the Future.

My friend/boss/stranger told me we were helping terrorists. Asked why don’t we help people in our own country/etc? How can I respond to them?

Carry the Future stands in solidarity with refugee families worldwide by personally providing humanitarian aid to ease their journey while empowering and creating meaningful opportunities for global volunteers to be a collective force of action and hope. The mission of Carry the Future is to provide aid to children.

Donate a Carrier FAQs

What sort of baby carriers can I donate?

CTF is accepting new or gently used soft structured carriers (SSCs).
These are basically any carrier that has clasps or harnesses, and Mei Tais
(square cloth with four ties). A few examples are Tula, Lillebaby, MobyGo
and Ergo.

Why don’t you accept wraps, slings, pouches, metal-framed hiking carriers, or other non-structured carriers?

Structured carriers are considerably more user friendly, easier to adjust, have a much shorter learning curve and can be used for a variety of ages. Given the language barrier we encounter, we want to ensure that the families receiving carriers are able to receive instructions on proper use to ensure safety of the child, comfort of the wearer and longevity of the carrier. We find soft structured carriers are the most practical carrier for our distribution purposes.

My carrier is broken/very stained/recalled. Should I send it?

Please do not send broken carriers. We cannot repair carriers and we have to discard recalled ones. Please only send us a carrier you would also give to a close friend! Old carriers, worn carriers, faded carriers are perfectly ok to send, but please no broken or recalled ones! We find washing carriers in a pillow case with gentle soap is the best way to freshen them up.

Can I send my homemade carrier?

Homemade carriers are not accepted at this time.

Where should I send my donated carrier?

Central Donation Center:
For USPS, UPS and FedEx:
Carry the Future c/o VMS Services LLC 1351 Lathrop Street
Houston, TX 77020-7542

East Coast Donation Center:
For USPS, UPS, and FedEx:
Carry The Future c/o Cubesmart
Unit # 1034
6875 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22213 

To Ship Directly to Greece:
c/o Margarita Continakis
P.O. BOX 65504 NEO PSYHIKO 15402

Download Shipping Flyer

Whats the best way to ship baby carriers to Carry the Future?

We recommend using vacuum pack bags to allow for more carriers to be placed into shipping boxes.

Should I take carriers our of the box for easier shipping?

Yes! Please do take the carriers out of their boxes and remove all hangtags/labels and instruction sheets.

Should I clean carriers?

If you are donating a used carrier, please wash in pillow cases or sealable laundry bags in order to keep the buckles and seams from being damaged. If they are washed outside of the bag it is possible for the buckles to be pulled on roughly and cause the seams to fray or even rip later on.

Are there tips for hosting a packing event? Like a list of supplies needed, etc.?

Some suggested supplies to have on hand for a carrier packing event are: retail guns, plastic attachments, gallon and sandwich size Ziplock bags. IKEA bags, masking tape, permanent marker or label marker, packaging tape , boxes, binder clips for attaching notes, socks, mittens, etc. Please see more info here: http://www.carrythefuture.org/volunteer/carrier-drives

Are homemade carrier covers being accepted?

Yes. Waterproof are great, but not required. Please use fabrics without characters please (No Santa, fairies, etc)

Do you accept buckle/tie strapped covers too,

Yes we do accept buckle/tie strapped covers.

Is it best to send carriers/covers to US Shipping Centers or directly to Greece?

Please send all carriers to the U.S. Shipping Centers so we do not to overload our volunteers on the ground in Athens. It is most cost effective to transport our carriers as luggage with distribution trips, supplied through the US shipping centers.

Can I include anything along with my carrier?

If you like, write a note to the refugee who will be receiving your carrier by attaching with a small binder clip! Don’t worry about translating to Arabic or Farsi. Some refugees speak English, and even if they don’t, it’s clear that a handwritten note is extending love and best wishes for their journey. In an accompanying ziploc bag, you can include: small plush toy, baby/toddler socks/hat/mittens, high protein snacks, pacifiers and/or vitamin packets.