Baby Carriers for Refugees

Carriers equip parents to better comfort and care for little ones.


Make a Difference

Join members of your community to provide aid.


Baby Beds For Newborns

Giving babies a safe and secure place to rest.


Host a Diaper Party

Bring comfort to little ones and peace to their parents.


Build a Kitchen, Change an Entire Community

Make a big impact in Eastern Jordan.

We need your help

Join us in providing aid to refugee families in need

Carry the Future is an international community of volunteers that has united to bring humanitarian aid, dignity and hope to refugee families and empower them through the building of community infrastructure projects, and through providing needed items such as diapers, carriers and baby beds for newborns.

We maintain our focus on continuing our grassroots movement and have a unique ability to quickly mobilize, provide aid when needed, and unite our volunteer base, enabling them to empower and make a difference for refugee families around the globe.

Our supporters enable our work to identify and nimbly meet critical needs for refugees that may otherwise go unmet, and fuels partnerships with trusted organizations to ensure a permanent presence on the ground.

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Urgent Cause

Empower Refugee Communities

Carry the Future empowers countless women and their families as they make their way to a new, safer life. Give today to support local communities and empower refugee families through the building of infrastructure projects such as community kitchens and playgrounds. We can’t do this work without donors like you.
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Focus and Mission

Our Mission is to unite a loving, global community with refugee children and families to bring dignity, care and awareness to the refugee journey.

We Serve Refugee children and their families, as well as volunteers, who come together to support those on the refugee journey anywhere in the world we are able.


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