Baby Carriers
for Refugees

Carriers equip parents to better comfort
and care for little ones.


Make a Difference

Join members of your community to provide aid.


Baby Beds For Newborns

Giving babies a safe and secure place to rest.


Host a Diaper Party

Bring comfort to little ones and peace to their parents.


Build a Kitchen, Change an Entire Community

We need your help

Join us in providing aid to refugee families in need

Be a force for action and hope and join our international community of volunteers as we unite to bring humanitarian aid in the form of child carriers, baby beds and survival items to refugee families.

At Carry the Future we maintain our focus on continuing our grassroots movement. What makes us unique is our ability to quickly mobilize, provide aid when needed, and unite our volunteer base, enabling them to make a difference.

There are many ways to become involved with Carry the Future as we are continually running drives, planning our next distribution phases, collecting donations for much needed aid and mobilizing to deliver the carriers, baby beds and diapers to families in need.

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Urgent Cause

Support Volunteer Distribution Trips

Our mission provides a direct way for volunteers from across the globe to do meaningful work to ease the pain of the refugee crisis. Carry the Future sends volunteers on monthly distribution trips to secure international locations with the intent to deliver needed material aid to refugee families. Help support our mission with a donation today and enable us to continue our work throughout 2018, when the need is so high.
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Carry The Future's story

Our Mission

Carry the Future specializes in hand-delivering humanitarian aid to refugee families worldwide. Our entirely volunteer run organization identifies needs and quickly mobilizes to meet them though our global network of partners and volunteers as a collective force of action and hope.
We stand in solidarity with refugee families and strive to bring comfort, security and safety through the aid we provide. 


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