Carry the Future

Hold a Diaper Party to Benefit Refugee Families Worldwide!

Carry the Future Encourages Volunteers to Hold Diaper Parties for Refugee Families

We are launching our Diaper Party initiative today, February 16, 2017!! This initiative will have a double impact as we aim to bring diaper packs to refugee families living in camps across the globe and to refugee families that are relocating to new homes.

Diapers are always a top need when #CarrytheFuture teams visit refugee camps in areas such as Greece, Serbia and France. There are never enough diapers to go around, and so babies and toddlers are not changed frequently. This leads to severe diaper rash and further complications. Additionally, the refugees families that are relocating and starting over in a new country have a high need for diapers.

When our volunteers host a Diaper Party, they invite their friends, family and neighbors to bring a pack of diapers for a local refugee resettlement agency or a diaper bank and to give a donation online so Carry the Future volunteers can purchase diapers for refugees families living in refugee camps around the world.

Anyone can be a Carry the Future Volunteer and bring hope and love to families in need. Visit our Diaper Party webpage for all the information you need to participate and make a difference: