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Celebrating Refugee Dads!

This week Carry the Future wants to celebrate Fathers. We would be remiss not to pay homage to those dads we’ve met along the way… We salute refugee dads, who have risked everything to keep...
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Do Something: Use Your Skills

Do Something is our series focusing on volunteers who go out of their way to DO SOMETHING incredible to raise awareness and help refugees. From hosting a diaper party to sewing handmade dolls, our volunteers are making a...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Lacy Stroessner

Each month we do a volunteer spotlight featuring one of our amazing volunteers. With more than 6000 volunteers here at Carry the Future, it is always inspiring to get a peek into the story of any person who is using their time and talents...
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Do Something: Let’s Read, Neighbor!

Refugees overcome many difficulties and obstacles as they attempt to flee from their homes: starting with fleeing from the dangerous environment of their home nation to waiting for asylum in refugee camps. Once they’ve finally...
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